The Provision of Legal Consultancy and Assistance to the Physical and Legal Persons

«LegalExpert» provides a wide sphere of legal services, which are presented by professional and experienced specialists. The office provides presence in different courts and in some fields of consultancy. All the services, in comparison with other offices, are provided in reasonable prices, taking into consideration the social-economic condition of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

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In Particular:

1. In the field of the Criminal Codex, including:

  • Provision of consultancy to the people suspected or accused in violating the criminal legislation (legal representatives);
  • Provision of the participation of the lawyer in the bodies of preliminary investigation;
  • The dependence of the interests of the persons recognizes as victims;
  • Lawyer’s participation in the court sessions;
  • Appealing against sentences.

2. In the Field of the Civil Codex, Including

  • The consultancy in the acquisition of the property right and its expropriation, rent of the real estate, donations, inheritance and mortgage (pawn) issues, preparation of statements of claims in the courts, the provision of representation in the real estate cadastre, notary offices;
  • Compiling of all the types of agreements coming from civil legal relationships.

3. In the Field of the Domestic Legislation, including:

  • Consultancy on the issues subject to the arguments in the result of divorces, aliment, compiling of appeals and the provision of representation in the courts;
  • Realization of women’s and children’s defense from violence.

4. In the Field of the Labor Legislation, including:

  • Consultancy to the employers or the employees on the labor legislation;
  • Compiling of labor agreements;
  • Compiling of statements of claims appeared from the issues of labor relationships, showing up legal assistance, provision of representation in the courts. /li>

5. In the Field of Administrative Legal Violations, Including:

  • Consultancy on the issues connected with the administrative legal violations;
  • Compiling of statements of claims and provision of representation in the administrative court.