Administrative Offenses

Administrative offense (offense) is an action or inaction that violates the state or public order, the rights and freedoms of citizens, the established management procedure or offense (intentional or negligent), for which administrative responsibility is prescribed by law. Administrative punishment is considered a duty and is used to educate the offender in the spirit of observing Soviet law, observing the rules of socialist coexistence, and preventing the offender from committing new offenses by himself or others. The administrative case is conducted on the basis of the current legislation at the time and place of the investigation of the offense. We offer:


• advising on issues related to administrative violations;

• preparation of statements of claim and representation of interests in an administrative court;

• performance of certain actions or abstention from actions aimed at recognition of an administrative act, including the performance of state registration;

• invalidation of an administrative act;

• contesting the legality of regulatory legal acts;

• bringing to administrative responsibility in a judicial proceeding.


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