About us

Armen Hakobyan

Managing Director

Specialization: civil-juridical (administrative-legal) orientation. The topic of the master thesis is Yerevan Municipality in the system of local self-government.

Grigory Vardanyan


Born in 1987 on December 17. Specialty: lawyer. Specialization: Civil law. The topic of master's work: "Cooperation between the Constitutional Court and the Judicial System of General Jurisdiction, the legal framework in the Republic of Armenia".

Artur Kamalyan


Specialization: civil-juridical (administrative-legal) orientation. Has studied Law in the European University of Armenia (BA). From 2009 to 2011 has served in the Armed Forces of RA.

Armen Tevanyan


Born in January 18, 1988. Studied at Medical College after L. Sargsyan in the dental faculty, and at the Univeristy after M. Khorenatsi in the law faculty. Specialization: civil-juridical (administrative-legal) orientation.

Roza Amirova


Born in 1997 in Yerevan, Armenia. Specialized Civil lawyer. Currently studying at Russian-Armenian University as a corporate lawyer (Masters).

Karine Buranyan


Has two BA Degrees: in Bibliography and in Psychology. Has served in the Police of the Republic of Armenia and in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia.

Gayane Mirzoyan


Born in January 1, 1987, in Yerevan. Has a profession of a lawyer. Specialization: civil and criminal law.

“Legal Expert” LLC Law Firm

Founded: Nov 18, 2009.

The state accession number: 286.110.07407

Certificate of the state registration: 03 Ա086580, Mashtots 14/60

Legal Expert is a firm of experienced professionals, offering comprehensive legal consultancy services to clients with a high level of expertise that accords  with the claims of modern companies.

Our experienced lawyers, well aware of the innovations of the law sphere, make warranties about the quality of their services and suggest professional expertise in legal, economic and financial consultancy services .


  • Internationally practiced experienced lawyers.
  •  The firm is not limited with what it has gained, dynamically changing in the range of its activities.
  • Close relations with law firms in Eastern Europe, Southern America, Greece, Russia, Italy, etc.
  • We are a member of the legal networks of top law firms.
  • Support from Armenian and foreign outstanding experts.
  • Sufficient results and keeping confidentiality in favor of clients.

Charging Policy

We  provide comprehensive  services to small and big business in  profitable prices.

The flexible system of  the  payment will let  you  choose  the  form  of billing:

1. fixed fees (at the fraction of the cost),

2. hourly fees

3. contractual fee or the combination of all mentioned above.

The payments are negotiable and they are approved by the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia.

Our Mission

We work to protect our clients’ interests and rights, providing legal representation in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other matters in which legal assistance is sought.

The basis of our mission is to highly increase the legal consciousness  in the society.

That is why, the  lawyers of “Legal Expert” have mission to defend the interests of both physical and legal entities.

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