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The Ministry of Justice has launched a system of electronic “payment orders.”

June 18, 2020

Currently, by the decision of the Supreme Judicial Council, electronic payment orders are distributed among all judges of the court of first instance in Yerevan. It is also planned to expand the distribution of these cases among judges of the trial courts of the first instance in the regions of Armenia. ”
The introduction of the electronic system “Payment order” was carried out as a result of cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council as part of the USAID grant program.

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The new position of the Court of Cassation on legal norms of family law.

June 1, 2020

The cassation court appealed to the following issues in the civil case ԵԿԴ / 0779/02/10:
(1) Can an agreement between spouses, the subject of which is unclear, become the basis for termination of the right of one of the spouses to the right of joint ownership?
(2) Can an agreement on the alienation of a share in the charter capital of a limited liability company serve as a basis for the emergence of a right to a share if the rights arising from the agreement are not registered by the state?
The court of cassation stated that if the agreement between the spouses does not explicitly permit an explanation of the subject, it cannot serve as a basis

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It is proposed to introduce the possibility of a written consideration of complaints in the Court of Cassation.

May 29, 2020

The draft laws on amendments and addenda to the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure presuppose that it provides for the possibility of the Court of Cassation reviewing administrative and criminal complaints in writing form without convening a meeting. This procedure for the consideration of cases is effectively applied in civil cases.

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