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"Legal Expert" provides a wide sphere of legal services, which are presented by professional and experienced specialists. The office provides both legal representation in courts and consultation in a vast variety of fields. All the services, in comparison with other offices, are provided in reasonable prices, taking into consideration the social-economic condition of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

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It is proposed to introduce the possibility of a written consideration of complaints in the Court of Cassation.

May 29, 2020

The draft laws on amendments and addenda to the Code of Administrative Procedure and the Code of Criminal Procedure presuppose that it provides for the possibility of the Court of Cassation reviewing administrative and criminal complaints in writing form without convening a meeting. This procedure for the consideration of cases is effectively applied in civil cases.

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The return to the parties received by the lease as a result of the invalidity of this agreement.

May 27, 2020

The Court of Cassation noted that the application of the consequences of the invalidity of the lease has the following features: According to the lease, the tenant receives what is received using the property, so it is impossible to return it in kind. If the lease is invalid, the lessee is obliged to reimburse the owner for the cost of using the property.

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The SRC system introduced the possibility of a mobile ID signature.

May 26, 2020

In the electronic system for submitting reports to the State Revenue Committee, the possibility of a mobile ID signature has appeared. Using mobile phone identification, the process of signing the report and sending it to the tax authority was simplified. All you need to do is get the appropriate mobile card from mobile operators and put it on your phone to activate the signature. Thus, it is possible to sign reports and send them to the State Revenue Committee both from the place of work and, for example, from abroad.

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