"Da mihi factum dabo tibi jus"

Legal Expert

"Legal Expert" office of the legal consultation is created to defend the interests of the individuals as well as corporate bodies. Working with citizens and economists, our lawyers are guided with the above-mentioned principles. Our aim is to provide our visitors legal help of the decent quality as well as to solve any legal problem,  defend their rights and legal interests at the judicatures .We provide in-state and abroad support for entrepreneurial activity fulfilling by  corporate bodies by giving legal assistance both at the initial phase and during the process. Our experienced professionals will help you to recover and defend your violated rights and legal interests at different state institutes and courts led by their own favorite slogan; “Give us the facts and we shall give you the right”. LegalExpert treats the  matters very seriously and we keep stringent standards of confidentiality.


Legal Expert"LegalExpert " has been founded to facilitate constant interaction between the partners, to foster dialogue and discussion, in order to create synergies. Due  to  the years of experience  and  hard  work   of  the  professionals in civil, financial, administrative and commercial law spheres, as well as experience   in arbitration and in  international negotiations, it  makes  each case  be confidential. Each case is therefore dealt with by taking a  serious approach  and obligatory resolution to the problem, always providing results, which satisfies the clients’ claims.


Nowadays, there are many widely differing branches  of law. An incredibly expanding market demands changes even in such a large-scaled  profession as law  is. The  modern  methods  of  the innovations in legal field vary and are  incredible. Though there are constant changes in the legal field,our lawyers are well aware of those changes  by passing various trainings. The   professional activity in  the  legal  field  is  based  on the  rigid  bases . The names  of  the  professionals of  the  company  so far (professionals who  passed  international trainings), make warranties about  the quality of the services provided.