Labor law

Z. is going to go to work in the Russian Federation. Does he need to register in the Russian Federation?

Yes, Armenian citizens who have left for Russia on the basis of an employment contract must register at the Federal Migration Service at their place of residence within 30 days from the moment they enter Russia.

S. worked in a factory and did not go to work for only one day. Director S. fired him. Are director C.’s actions legal?

If S. did not come to work within a whole working day without a good reason, the employer has the right to fire him.

G. works as an economist in the organization. G. are invited to work on weekends. Can G. demand additional wages on weekends?

Yes, holidays (non-working days) are paid at least twice as much as the daily (daily) rate or salary.

D. works at the factory. The employer intends to change the amount of wages paid by D. Can the employer do this without D.’s written consent?

According to the general rule, D.’s consent is mandatory for changing the size of the salary (or) of its decision, unless the above conditions are changed on the basis of law.

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