Consumer Rights

A. bought the goods in the store, and later it turned out that the goods were not of proper quality, returned them to the store and presented a cash receipt. After how many days should the store replace the goods purchased by A.?

The store or seller must replace the goods within 7 days after the return of the goods A.

A person bought equipment in a store, but it does not work. What requirements can a person make regarding a store?

If a person has purchased a product of inadequate quality and received a warning about its defects, then it may require one of the following options:
1. eliminate defects of the device without paying for it,
2. eliminate defects on their own and demand from the seller this amount,
3. to demand a reduction in the price of this device, which corresponds to its defect,
4. request replacement of the device with a similar one or replace it with another,
5. You can terminate the contract, that is, return the device to the store and collect the money.

A. bought food that had been poisoned at the store, and he spent two weeks in the hospital. What rights does A. have as a consumer?

A. has the right to demand compensation from the store or seller for expenses incurred in the hospital. Damage can only be compensated if the product was used during the expiration date.

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