Administrative law

K. acquired the citizenship of another state, should K. be in compulsory military service in the Republic of Armenia?

K. is obliged to serve in the Republic of Armenia, regardless of whether K. served in another state or not.

B. wants to file a complaint about the actions or omissions of the relevant authority. When can B. file a complaint?

B. can file a complaint against the actions of the relevant authority within 1 month from the day when this authority performed this action, and against inaction within 2 months from the day when this authority must perform a certain action, but did not.

While driving, P. fastened his seat belt, but the passengers did not. Will P. be brought to administrative responsibility?

Yes, P. will have to pay a fine for transporting a passenger without a seat belt.

What are the consequences for a person who has not signed the protocol of an administrative act drawn up by the traffic police inspector?

Just not signing the protocol is not in the person’s interests. Moreover, in case of non-signing, the police officer must indicate this in the protocol on administrative violation. Instead, a person has the right to provide explanations and comments attached to the protocol regarding the content of the protocol, as well as indicate the reasons for refusing to sign it.

What to do if you do not have sufficient funds to fully pay the fine prescribed by an administrative act?

After receiving the decision within ten days, you can submit a statement to the Traffic Police with a request to extend the deadline for paying the fine. After the submission of such applications, the payment shall be extended for the period specified in the application, but not more than 6 months. The application is written in writing, indicating the name, surname of the applicant, his address, phone number, number and date of adoption of the relevant decision, as well as data of the car, in particular those. passport, state numbers, make of the car.

What if I was driving my car without a driving license?

If you were knowingly driving your car without car insurance, you cannot pursue a claim. However, you may be entitled to medical, rehabilitation, and / or attendant care benefits.

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