The Law “On Amendments and Additions to the Judicial Code of the Republic of Armenia” and 13 related laws.

The Law “On Amending and Adding to the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Armenia“ On the Judicial Code of the Republic of Armenia ”and 13 relevant laws was submitted to the President of the Republic for signing by the National Assembly in 2020 on March 30. Laws were adopted by the government to increase the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures. In this context, the adoption and application of laws should aim to ensure greater independence of the judiciary, which is enshrined in the Constitution. Therefore, laws should be aimed at enhancing the role of the judiciary, the effective exercise of the right to a fair trial, as well as compliance with the principles of independence and immunity of judges. Any legitimate possibility of unjustified criminal prosecution of judges or unnecessary restrictions on their rights can be ruled out. It is also possible that as a result of the application of laws, the authority of the courts and the credibility of justice will increase. The President expects the laws to be applied unconditionally with high responsibility, excluding any pressure or interference with the work of the judiciary.

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