The draft law on the criminalization of obstruction of the professional activity of a lawyer, as well as insults and defamation of a lawyer, was not adopted.

04/27/2020 there was a discussion of this draft law, which provided for the criminalization of the obstacles to the professional activities of a lawyer, as well as insults and slander against the lawyer. The representative of the Government, Deputy Srbui Galyan, opposed this initiative. The main purpose of her protest was that according to the parliamentary formula of the EU of October 4, 2007, 1577 (2007), insult and slander were to be decriminalized. According to the submitted counterarguments
– This formula did not decriminalize these acts, but simply recognized it unlawful to use imprisonment as sanctions.
-Art. 344 of the RA Criminal Code already considers libel against the prosecutor, investigator, other person conducting the investigation or enforcement agent a crime.
– Art. 333.2 of the RA Criminal Code considers insulting a human rights defender a crime.
As a result of the discussion, the project was not adopted.

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