The non-judicial way of child support regulation

There are primarily two informal ways that a child support agreement can be reached; the parents can either agree to child support through informal settlement negotiations or through the use of ADR processes such as mediation.

If a couple agrees on child maintenance matter then they can sign a notarized agreement and they don’tneed to have a court order.
The Agreement addresses issues such as paying child support, healthcare expenses, and additional expenses related to raising children. It shall contain the amount, frequency and method of the payments.

Changing the agreement
The parents can change the child support agreement based on their mutual consent. However, if one of the parties does not agree on it, then the interested party should initiate a lawsuit.

The child support agreement is forcible if it prescribed by the agreement.
If the agreement is violated and the parent repeatedly fails to make support payments on time, and the agreement contains a possibility to enforce it, then the other parent can apply to the notary for the getting an enforcement order. With this document, the parent can apply to the Compulsory Enforcement Agency enforcement for the collection of the child maintenance sum.

Other Agreements between the parents
If the parents agree on create agreements about custody and parenting time schedules, they should use a Child Custody Agreement. However, it is important to know that unlike the child support agreement the notary can not issue an enforcement order for the Child Custody Agreement.

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