Restrictions on free movement will be lifted, but transport will not work.

Restrictions on the free movement of people in Armenia will be lifted from May 4, but the ban on public transport will not be lifted. This was announced today at a press conference by the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia Varos Simonyan. “In particular, restrictions on free movement will be lifted. All citizens will have the right to move freely within the territory of the Republic of Armenia. At the same time, the ban on public transport will not be lifted. This is because there are certain risky approaches to the spread of the epidemic, ”said Simonyan.
According to the deputy minister, almost all restrictions will be lifted, some restrictions will remain on the types of economic activities. Shopping centers and department stores will be closed.
The processing industry will be open to all activities. There will be restaurants, cafes and bars that have an open area. Botanical gardens, zoos and specially protected areas will also be opened.
The activities of sports facilities will be allowed only with the participation of professional athletes at sports events. Individual services, including washing, cleaning and dry cleaning, as well as hairdressing and beauty salons, will also be allowed from May 4.

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