Form, size and procedure of provision of assistance to persons affected by the events of March 1-2, 2008 in Yerevan

The Government Decree of 8 August 2019 set out the form, amount and procedure for providing assistance to persons affected by the events of March 1 to 2, 2008 in Yerevan, as well as the form of application for assistance, the list of documents attached to the application and the discussion of that application order.

In particular:

• It has been established that the financing of the assistance is provided by the state budget of the Republic of Armenia;

• Applicants for assistance may submit their application in person or through their representative to the Ministry of Justice within three years of the entry into force of this Decision;

• It is stipulated that, in the light of the circumstances found in the compilation and evaluation of all the documents received, the Authorized Body will make one of the following reasoned decisions: to grant the application and to support or reject the application or to suspend the application. In addition, it is emphasized that the application is rejected if the applicant’s eligibility for assistance is not confirmed;

If the application is approved by the Head of the Authorized Body, the Authorized Body shall, within five business days, transfer the amount of support to the account opened by the applicant in the bank in his name.

As a form of support, financial assistance is defined as:

• 30,000,000 AMD to the person having the status of legal successor to the person killed (deceased) as a result of the injury, as prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia;

• 15,000,000 AMD to a person who has suffered serious damage to health;

• A person with average serious health damage – 5,000,000 AMD.

The draft also specifies the application form and the list of attached documents.

Interested citizens should apply to the Ministry of Justice with the completed application and required documents (Vazgen Sargsyan 3/8).


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