Failure to appear at the Bank doesn’t mean the pensioner quits the pension

In accordance with the applicable law , in order to continue receiving their pension, the pensioners should visit the Bank in person  at least once a year and  not later than the last working day of the 12th month following the month in which he presented the application to the Bank. Currently according to the law, the payment of pensions is payable upon presentation of the Power of Attorney for a period not exceeding the 12 months. However, the law does not provide any compliance related to the missed deadline. The increasing  number of complaints addressed to the Ombudsman during this year proves that the problem is urgent. For example,  one of the pensioners stated that he was unable to return to Armenia over the last 10 years due to a long-term medical treatment abroad, which automatically led to the cessation of the payment of his pension. The office of the Ombudsman conducted an investigation which showed  that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the RA has stopped paying the pension to 40314 citizens because of the absence of their signature after the deadline. The Ombudsman’s office conducted  a study of the subject taking into account the international experience  on the subject. Hence, from the moment the pension is being granted to the pensioner, it is to be considered his property that he can use, possess and dispose of as desired. The fact that the citizen did not appear at the Bank  should not lead to the waiver of his pension. In this regard the Ombudsman proposed changes to the Law of the RA “On State Pensions”.

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