A number of operations will be carried out in traffic police units from May 11.

The Police of the Republic of Armenia reports that from May 11, 2020 the following activities will be held in the units for registration and inspection of the traffic police
1. Replacing worn out, unreadable or damaged driver’s licenses (including those not expired) with new ones;
2. Restoration of a registered vehicle.
3. Replacing the license plate of the vehicle without changing the owner of the vehicle with other license plates.
4. Recalculation of the vehicle due to discoloration of the vehicle.
5. Recalculation of the vehicle in connection with a change in the personal data of the individual or address of the place of residence;
6. Recalculation of a vehicle in connection with a change (reorganization) or a change in the location of a legal entity.
7. Registration of trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3500 kg.
In order to perform operations on the spot, in order to agree in advance, it is necessary to provide contact information through the e-request.am system or by email (hidden).

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