Access to Internet and freedom to receive and impart information and ideas

October 18, 2019

The Internet has now become one of the principal means by which individuals exercise their right to freedom to receive and impart information and ideas, providing as it does essential tools for participation in activities and discussions concerning political issues and issues of general interest.

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Citizens who avoided the military service may return to their homeland

September 19, 2019

The amendments to the Law of the Republic of Armenia On Citizens, who did not pass compulsory military service in violation of the established order, have come into force.

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The non-judicial way of child support regulation

There are primarily two informal ways that a child support agreement can be reached; the parents can either agree to child support through informal settlement negotiations or through the use of ADR processes such as mediation.

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“ZARA” VS “ZARA WINES Z TIGRANI /Trademark battles

The Civil and Administrative Chamber of the Court of Cassation of the Republic of Armenia (hereinafter referred to as the Court of Cassation) referred to the issue of the similarity of the ZARA WINES Z TIGRANI trademark and the ZARA trademark in the administrative case No. VD / 5614/05/15.

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