Restrictions on interregional movement is cancelled and the control points are removed.

Amendments to the new Ordinance ( was made in connection with legal regime of a state of emergency on the territory of the RA and the current temporary restrictions on types of economic activities. They entered into force on 22 April at 11:59 PM.
Thus, the limit interregional movements removed and the checkpoint is eliminated. Instead, the focus will be on tightening control. Will also be governed by the logic of the establishment of special regimes depending on the degree of risk of infection in the communities. There are still restrictions on the movement of people and public transport.
Temporary restrictions on certain types of economic activity were removed. In particular,
In the manufacturing industry:
Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemicals
Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
Manufacture of metal structures
Manufacture of wiring
Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Wholesale, retail sale, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles section:
Payment on a fee or contract basis, except for a few subtypes
Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and spare parts!
Wholesale of vehicles for the mining, construction and civil engineering!
Some types of retail trade in non-specialized stores
Contact information:
Television production, post-production activities and the distribution of
The business segment related to real estate
In the field of professional, scientific and technical activities:
Technical testing and analysis
Scientific research and experimental development on natural Sciences and engineering
Administrative and support activities in the industry:
Administrative and support activities related to business activities in respect of companies whose activities are not limited
Other services in the section:
The activities of trade unions
Repair of computers and communication equipment
Repair of consumer electronics
Repair of household appliances, gardening at home
There are also rules of sanitary-epidemiological safety and other rules.
Such subtitles as “Processing of textiles”, “Manufacture of wearing apparel”, “Manufacture of footwear”, “Manufacture of electrical equipment”, “Manufacture of furniture” and “Activities of sport clubs” can be considered as exceptions to other restrictions.
You can apply for exceptions online at

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