A bill criminalizing animal abuse has been adopted

The National Assembly has passed the second reading of the bill criminalizing cruelty to animals. 99 deputies voted for, 4 against, no abstentions.

The bill was introduced by Naira Zohrabyan, a member of the PAP faction.

The draft is intended to impose a fine of 100-200 thousand drams or arrest – 1-3 for the maltreatment of pets (mangling, fragmenting, poisoning, testing, amputation, clearing, throwing, organizing and carrying out battles). months or imprisonment for the term of up to 1 year.

And the same act committed by a group of individuals with the prior consent and particular cruelty is punishable by a fine of 300-500 thousand AMD or by imprisonment for the term of 1-3 years.


Source: PanARMENIAN.Net

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