“LegalExpert” LLC ,Office of the legal consultation

Founded: 18 November; 2009

The state accession number; 286.110.07407

Certificate of the state registration; 03 Ա086580, Mashtots 14/60

LegalExpert is a firm of experienced professionals offering comprehensive legal consultancy services to clients (physical or corporations),and with high level of expertise that accords  with the claims of modern companies (including international ones).

For a long time it has become clear that consultancy services provided by law firms are inadequate because they are restricted by  the  traditional methods  of  the legal  system. But our experienced lawyers, well aware of the innovations of the law sphere,make warranties about the quality of their services and suggest professional expertise, as well as legal,economic and financial consultancy services .


  • The firm is composed of experienced professional lawyers who passed international practices. That enables to provide the decent and efficient quality of the given services.
  •  The firm is not limited with what it has gained,but it constantly expands the spheres of its activities, fulfills exchange of experience with foreign experienced professionals and law firms. Whether working on a precedent-setting case or structuring a transaction in a truly original way, our firm endeavor to be innovative in approach and transformational in impact. It provides permanent dynamic changes in the range of its activities.
  • The firm has close relations with law firms both in Eastern Europe and Southern America,it also cooperates with law firms in Greece, Russia, Italy and so on. It studies and uses international experience and approaches to settle legal relations.
  • LegalExpert is a member of the legal networks that joins decades of top law firms by promoting the exchange of experience and expanse of the practice areas of the firm in the law sphere
  • The firm, when circumstances require, can apply for services which are provided by Armenian and foreign outstanding experts.
  • Each case is dealt with by taking a serious approach and obligatory resolution to the problem by providing sufficient result and keeping confidentiality in favor of clients.

Charging Policy

We  provide comprehensive  services to small and big  business in  profitable  prices. The flexible system of  the  payment will let  you  choose  the  form  of billing: 1. fixed fees (at the fraction of the cost), 2. hourly fees 3. contractual fee or the  combination of all the three. The payments are negotiable  and they are approved by the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia.

Our Mission

We work to protect our clients’ legal rights with providing representation in civil or criminal cases, business transactions and other matters in which legal assistance is sought.The basis of our mission is to increase  the legal consciousness  in the society. Each person has a  right to get indemnity or justice determined  by  Constitution or  law for his or her violated  rights. That is why, the  lawyers of “Legalexpert” have mission to defend the interests of the individual as well as legal bodies .